welcome to burlesque

I absolutely want to be a Burlesque dancer when I grow up. Last night I attended the Woolworths Smashbox launch at Cavendish Square, which included a fab makeover, for which I chose bright red lips (just to see if I could pull them off).

A Smashbox makeover

The bright red lips go on

Smashbox counter in Woolworths

After a bit of civilised mingling we headed up to the cinema where we were treated to a special pre-preview viewing of Christina Aguilera and Cher's new movie Burlesque. As we settled into our seats, with our mandatory coke and popcorn, we were treated to a real live Burlesque show, with three dancers strutting their stuff with feathers, fans and lacy bodices. So fun.

Emily with ELLE Beauty Assistant Giselle (pre-make over!)

The movie was, unsurprisingly, a two-hour advert for the singing powers of Christina (and a bit of the magnificent Cher, who can barely move her face but still has a set of pipes to give you goose bumps).

All in all, it was a great, girly night out.

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