hello bailey

I have a great excuse for not posting any cool outfits... I've just had a baby. It's crazy tiring but so cool. Bailey is gorgeous but still very tiny so not a lot of outfits fit her yet... but here's a pic of her in a little stripey vest (so cute!) and the baby version of high-waisted pants :-)

fashion eds doing what they do...

... hanging around looking stylish.
This is at the Woolies Christmas Preview – loads of lovely goodies to look forward to btw – but back to fashion... On the left is Amaria (Sarie's fashion ed). I noticed her when I was looking for parking - I love her old-school boyfriend jacket and slouchy boots. Too cool. On the right is Anja (seventeen's fashion and beauty director) – I love, love, love her ankle boots (I've posted about them before, look for "liewe heksie") but the real star of her outfit is the beautiful Missibaba bag she's wearing. This pic does it absolutely NO justice because you can hardly see it and it really is something to behold! So I'll make sure to snap a better pic of it soon. Promise.

zara is love *sigh*

Just came across Zara's Autumn 09 campaign. Why oh why can't there be Zara in South Africa?
Although we're going into summer now, I can still picture myself in these outfits... Or maybe Toni Garrn (the effortlessly gorgeous German model) makes it look too easy!

This is not very me but I do love the structure and the cinched-in waist (it's nice to dream)

I've got to find myself a pair of button-down roll-up denim shorts.

There's nothing sexier than a soft, tailored dress shirt worn under a hardcore biker jacket (perfect for summer nights).

Laid-back yet still glamourous

This reminds me that I still need to get the perfect white shirt... the hunt is on

washout works

Finally managed to find the time to snap some stylish peeps. Amy's stonewash jeans look super hot with a dark blazer and I love the quilted chain bag!

so quiet

Sorry for the lack of posts - it's not that I haven't seen any cool people in groovy outfits, I just haven't had the time to shoot them. I'll get back on my feet soon!!

bright young thing

Zahrah walked past me with her mum in Woolies and I just couldn't let her get away. She was carrying herself with such confidence and immediately caught my eye. That and her gorgeous pink skinnies. The lucky girl gets to rifle through all her mum's old clothes (which she thankfully kept) so she has one-of-a-kind pieces that she's put together so perfectly with current trends.
Vintage tweed jacket and vintage pinstripe shirt (thanks to Mum); Jay Jays skinnies; Lucky Break knit scarf; Tina Liu at Zoom shoes; Louis Vuitton bag

so slick

Katia works for MAC and she's got that kind of understated style that you can't help but notice from across the room. I still need to find out who made her necklace, it's by a local designer and it's beautiful!
Zara jacket and dress; Socrati boots

back to black

Went to the MAC S/S 09 trends launch yesterday - tres interesting. There are some gorgeous products! Lesley Keane, a senior artist at MAC, took us through a step-by-step application for the Black to Earth look. Think rocker goddess with sooty smudged eyes, luminescent skin and nude lips. Here's the final look... the punky hairstyle totally does it for me.

super cute

I love the way Musa has paired cheap basics with more expensive essentials – it's the ultimate in style democracy. She's got the coolest hairstyle, too!
Gran's jersey; Pep T; Sissy Boy jeans; Mr Price sandals; bag was a gift

gypsy girl

The lovely Mari again ... she's so cool, I love her style. If you ever need a freelance stylist, she's your girl, check out her site: www.marigroenewald.co.za
Kirsten Goss earrings; charity shop dress; Accessorize belt; good old faithful boots from Buenos Aires

winter wellies

Mienke looks so cute in her wellie boots - and I love the way she's paired them with tights and shorts. I saw her wearing the wellies with a bright skirt the other day, too and that looked so cool. Think I need to get myself some of these. Apparently they're really uncomfortable, but who said fashion was about comfort?
Urban Outfitters jacket; Woolworths shirt; Mr Price shorts; Mango tights; Aldo UK wellies

time for tee

I love, love, love printed tees. It's really difficult to find longer length T-shirts that fit nicely and that are made well – unless you're willing to fork out loads of cash. This one has a nice, wide scoop neck, it's long enough to wear with leggings, it's super cute and it's affordable. Bonus.
Big Blue T

it comes naturally

Pam grew up in London, so for her a classic sense of style is inherent. We sit opposite each other in the office and I could snap her every day, but we'll agree to every other day for now! I especially love the butterfly detail on her vintage top.
Mango jacket; Miu Miu cardigan; vintage top; Two Stars bag; H&M trousers; Joseph boots.

that's smith to you

When I first met Michael, we seemed to share a liking for most things – books, sense of humour, people, beauty, words and of course... very expensive labels. Oh, we also shared the misfortune of not being able to afford those very expensive labels. So when he flashed me his gorgeous new Paul Smith shoes, I was so proud! He finally took the plunge to spend an enormous amount of money on a ridiculously beautiful item (okay, okay, they were on sale, but still…)
Markham cardigan; vintage shirt; Levi's jeans; Paul Smith shoes

truly exquisite

rainy day

Meeting the girls for weekend brunch is the best, admiring their outfits is fun, too! Jo always looks gorgeous and I love the way she mixes basics like vests and leggings with current trends, like plaid and riding boots.
Woolies cardigan; Mr Price shirt; Gap vest; New Look leggings; Aldo boots

vintage beauty

This is my friend Margie, she's been hanging out with her gran alot lately – and it shows. How gorgeous is this leather bag from Brazil that her gran hauled out the closet for her? It's a "postman" bag with gorgeous detailing and a strap that can sit across the body. It's old enough to call it vintage and it's still in perfect condition... ah, I'm so jealous! Margie says they still need to go through the scarves and jewellery section of the closet, can't wait to see what comes out of that!

liewe heksie


Don't you just love these patent leather ankle boots? They're like little liewe heksie boots, make you wanna click your heels together and fly away on your broom - I love them!
Boots, Two Stars

holding on to summer


Dominique's outfit is like a breath of fresh air on this sunny winter day - when it's warm outside, there's no need for chunky jerseys - just light and breezy pieces. I especially like the bow on her skirt.
Sunnies from London; top and skirt, both YDE; Luella bag and Woolies flats.

boots :-)

It's getting colder in Cape Town, and that means no more flats or open-toed heels, but rather very cool boots! I especially like this pair with the lace-up detail at the back. (Daniella Michelle boots at Planisphere.)

prep school

The perfect outfit for laid-back drinks with friends – a little casual and a little preppy. Clem is my fashion BFF, we're constantly talking about our latest buys (or dream buys!), pieces that we like to mix and shoes we just have to have.
Vintage jersey, H&M shirt, Primark skinnies, Woolies pumps.

fashion nomad

One of my favourite fashionistas - my lovely friend Mari. She always manages to pull off the quirkiest outfits without ever looking like she's "trying" - great style comes naturally to her!
Leather jacket (Zara); Indian scarf; vest (Vertigo); belt (Marion & Lindie); vintage skirt; boots from Buenos Aires