frock and roll

I'm so sad I missed the June issue of US Vogue, purely for the story and shoot with Jack White and Karen Elson. The other night my brother and his girlfriend came for dinner and we ended up watching that documentary It Might Get Loud – it takes you on a journey with three of the world's most talented electric guitarists – Jack White, the Edge from U2 and Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin. If you love music, especially good old rock 'n' roll, then you have to watch this doccie.

We were all discussing how Jack White is literally a musical genius, and I whipped out an old Vogue from my pile, one with Karen Elson on the cover, to show everyone how beautiful his wife is... and then I came across this story on Fashion Gone Rogue.

Shot by Annie Leibovitz, and for the first time ever together, this couple are just the ultimate for me because they are the perfect combination of two of my favourite things... fashion and music.

Pics from Fashion Gone Rogue

kate moss and topshop

TopShop will be launching Kate Moss' final mainline collection on 2 November, and they're creating much anticipation and hype around the countdown.

The build-up includes the 7 Days of Kate feature where you can see what Kate is wearing from the range every day as they count down to D Day. Plus, the flagship TopShop stores in London and New York have recreated Kate's bedroom in the windows – how incredibly lovely?

Pic from Inside-Out

wimple chic

In the spirit of a new simplistic, even puritanical, twist in fashion, Yves Saint Laurent has showcased his new collection, sending models down the runway in flowing black headresses. Symbolic of the nun's wimple.

A tricky trend, we're not sure we're rushing out for a YSL wimple. Then again...

gotta get this for baby

The Gap babygro with Chanel bag print...

Pic from

glee gone wild

There's been much controversy about the Terry Richardson shoot with Glee stars Cory Monteith, Lea Michele and Dianna Agron for GQ... and I guess seeing Rachel Berry in this respect does kinda ruin her good-girl image but there's still something so fabulous about this shoot. What do you think?

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emerging fashionsta...

... or perhaps she's already a slave to fashion? No matter, I love her style.

we heart london road

I love Kalk Bay. Wandering along the main road, surrounded by the smell of the ocean, mingled with fresh bread from the always busy bakeries. It's bohemian heaven on earth. I've been dying to go to London Road vintage and retro inspired clothing store for ages and I finally made it on Sunday, and it was such a pleasure.

The clothing is gorgeous. Laura, the owner, told me that they're sourced mainly from the UK, they're great quality and (unlike so many vintage stores around Cape Town) you can actually afford to shop there. I could've spent all day inside. It's a real gem.

gucci with a cause

Jennifer Lopez and her twins, Max and Emme, are the faces of Gucci's new clothing line for children. How much does the camera love this family?

The new range hits stores on November 20 and Gucci is pledging $1 million to UNICEF's Schools For Africa initiative.

go backstage

Found my new favourite blog... Go Backstage. It's run by photographer Greg Kessler who takes just the type of photos I like. Also, I'm a bit of a voyeur (aren't we all?) and I love the idea of seeing what goes on backstage at the big shows.

 Calvin Klein ss 2011

D+G ss 2011

 Fendi ss 2011
 Lanvin ss 2011
Rick Owens ss 2011

All photos from Go Backstage

I want a neon watch

Just so perfect for summer. I can so see one of these dangling on my tanned arm...

forty, the new twenty

Claudia Schiffer is another one of those women that doesn't seem to age. She turns 40 this week and in celebration she's appearing on 40 different covers of Ziet Magazine. The pics were all taken over a two day shoot in London. She had a baby in May, not that you could tell by looking at her.

leopard print

Okay, that's it... I want something in leopard print. I remember years ago I had this sheer chiffon type leopard-print dress, but it wasn't exactly right. The only leopard print I own is a black and white printed scarf and a beautiful clutch, but I'm thinking an entire outfit in leopard print - shew, brave. I'm OBSESSED with Diane von Furstenberg's leopard-print traveller pants in ELLE's October issue. I think those will be a good start...

Photo from Net-A-Porter

so fresh

We spotted this girl at Wembley Square the other day. Even though there was a gale force South Easter outside, and horrid rain, she looked so chic and fresh... nice hey?

Shopping - the next generation

Hate trying on clothes in the changing room? Macy's in New York have launched their Magic Fitting Room, where the digital you can try on clothes and Facebook or Tweet how you look in them so your friends can give their responses before you commit to buying.

pic from

The huge mirror is linked to a touch screen, which you can use to scroll through the options and digitally try them on. It's a new generation of shopping peeps. Wonder if it can tell us whether our bum looks big in those jeans?

Stiaan Louw on Wallpaper cover

How amazing is this? Wallpaper's November 2010 edition has a range of covers for each country they're covering, including Australia, China, Germany etc.

On the RSA cover, the model is dressed by Stiaan Louw. So proud!!



We're currently obsessed with the Fendi Peek-A-Boo. After coming dangerously close to a few at the ELLE Step Out In Style event at Sandton City, our lust moved up a notch.

They say love is blind, but we'll admit we have our doubts over the practicality of a bag that hangs open so seductively. It's crying out to be noticed by pickpockets and opportunistic criminals... However, it does close snuggly when necessary, as Ashley Tisdale demonstrates. And none of that matters really, because it's so lovely.

pics from:,,

bicycle chic


I'd like to imagine that I'll be spending this summer cruising city streets on a vintage bicycle with a basket in front. But I won't... I have a mountain bike (which is in storage due to serious lack of space at home right now) and the only bike I'll be pedalling is probably the stationery one in the spinning studio (so I can prep my pins for super short shorts!). So I'll have to contend with looking at these dreamy images...

summer leather

When I think of summer, I certainly don't think of leather. And when it's 35 degrees, I can't quite imagine donning this unforgivably warm fabric. But there's a part of me that wants to slip on a pair of leather shorts (how very rock 'n' roll) or a tissue-thin leather T-shirt...

celebrity crush

I love Blake Lively. Only recently have I come to realise this. When I first started watching Gossip Girl a few years ago, I way preferred Blair (Leighton Meester's character) – I don't know why... maybe 'cause I'm brunette and I felt I had more in common with Blair, or the fact that she got to kiss Chuck Bass (lucky!) made me like her more, and Blake's character was a little bit whiney.

But now, whenever I see pictures of Blake Lively I literally can't stop staring – she is always so polished and perfect-looking, and I love the way she dresses, I really do.



How amazing is Keira Knightley's new chestnut bob? She showcased it at yesterday's Chanel Spring/Summer 2011 show at Paris Fashion Week. We do love a chic bob, especially when the body it's on is dressed from head-to-toe in next season's Chanel.