fashion eds doing what they do...

... hanging around looking stylish.
This is at the Woolies Christmas Preview – loads of lovely goodies to look forward to btw – but back to fashion... On the left is Amaria (Sarie's fashion ed). I noticed her when I was looking for parking - I love her old-school boyfriend jacket and slouchy boots. Too cool. On the right is Anja (seventeen's fashion and beauty director) – I love, love, love her ankle boots (I've posted about them before, look for "liewe heksie") but the real star of her outfit is the beautiful Missibaba bag she's wearing. This pic does it absolutely NO justice because you can hardly see it and it really is something to behold! So I'll make sure to snap a better pic of it soon. Promise.

zara is love *sigh*

Just came across Zara's Autumn 09 campaign. Why oh why can't there be Zara in South Africa?
Although we're going into summer now, I can still picture myself in these outfits... Or maybe Toni Garrn (the effortlessly gorgeous German model) makes it look too easy!

This is not very me but I do love the structure and the cinched-in waist (it's nice to dream)

I've got to find myself a pair of button-down roll-up denim shorts.

There's nothing sexier than a soft, tailored dress shirt worn under a hardcore biker jacket (perfect for summer nights).

Laid-back yet still glamourous

This reminds me that I still need to get the perfect white shirt... the hunt is on

washout works

Finally managed to find the time to snap some stylish peeps. Amy's stonewash jeans look super hot with a dark blazer and I love the quilted chain bag!