new york city update: day 1

Wow, after 22 hours of travelling we finally made it to NYC yesterday. A few little mishaps along the way, like Bailey making a number two right before takeoff from Jo'burg (one of those leaky, nasty numbers) all over my husband, as well as me unlocking my suitcase at JFK to get my coat out, then locking it back up to realise afterwards that I put the keys in my suitcase. Good thing we borrowed my parents' TSA locks (so the guys at the airport could open it for us). As soon as we stepped outside, my lips, nose, cheeks and toes froze up. It was -9... yikes. Bailey was not enjoying the cold and we had to go and find her thicker socks. Poor baby. Once we'd dropped off our bags in our rental apartment in Brooklyn, we took a walk around the neighbourhood. Bailey fell asleep while we were walking around, she was super exhausted. So we stopped in at The West Cafe (thought it'd be funny cos we're Wests) for coffee, and when Bailey woke up we ordered her a toasted bagel. The vibe in the cafe was exactly how I imagined it to be... young hipsters sitting on their Macs, gorgeously dressed and just plain cool.

A nice start to our first day. I'll keep you posted on the rest of our trip... we woke up this morning at 2.30am (9.30 SA time) so we're a bit out of sorts but we're heading to the Meatpacking District later to do some shopping! Oh, and did I mention it's snowing, snowing, snowing! We peeked out the window earlier and the whole street, sidewalks and cars are covered in a blanket of white. BRRRRRR!

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