hollywood baby bumps update

Yikes... we have at least about ten friends between us (including Emily) who are knocked up... and with the ever-increasing list of celebrities announcing their pregnancies, we're now convinced that 2011 can officially be coined the Year of the Baby!

Here are just some of the celebs that are expecting...

Victoria Beckham is expecting her fourth (please be a girl, please be a girl!)

Jennifer Connelly pregnant with her first wearing Lanvin, looking exceptionally beautiful

Kate Hudson is expecting her second child (first with her partner Matt Bellamy)

Marion Cotillard expecting her first with long-time partner and rumoured fiancee Guilliame Canet

Have we forgotten anyone? We think we heard that Britney's pregnant too. Let us know who else we should add to this list... 

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  1. Natalie Portman is also pregnant. :)