a trip down memory lane...

We always knew we loved Kalk Bay, but after our first meeting of 2011, which we had at C'est la Vie, we couldn't resist a wander around to look at all the fab vintage shops, antiques and quirky bakeries. Liza was snapping away like a tourist. We thought we'd share some of the reasons why we love this little village by the sea...

There are loads of little lanes like these that stretch off the main road, with the most beautiful shops 

C'est la Vie is a French bakery set on a quiet cobbled street where all sorts of people gather with their dogs, kids and friends 

C'est la Vie serves yummy food 

And the people are laid-back and unpretentious

The beautiful Kalk Bay harbour

We love the little pot plants on the ladders

Bric-a-brac galore 

One of our favourite vintage shops – Kalk Bay Trading Post – is filled with old books, postcards, photographs, earrings, toys, frames and pretty much anything you can think of

Cute vintage pumps at London Road

The coffee shop in an old train carriage

So much to choose from at Mythology

Emily browsing the rails at Mythology

Lettering for your home

An old staircase cum bookshelf

Some of the locals 

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