inspiring kids bedrooms

Now that Emily is expecting a baby in July, and Liza is constantly on the hunt for cute things for 16-month-old Bailey's room... it's safe to say we're a little obsessed.

The wall art is everything in this room, yet it's still quite understated - and we love the muted tones

We heart the clever storage solutions, the bright wall and the chalkboard (Liza's on the hunt for the perfect chalkboard for Bailey's room)

There are so many things we like about this room – the airy feel that the big windows provide, the dove grey walls, the circle artwork around the circle mirror in the corner, the glossy red rocking horse (or is that a reindeer?)

Simple, yet so effective. The red vintage-style bed literally is the star. And of course, the bunting and the lantern are to die for.

A clever use of space in this awkward shaped room – perfect for little people as it's almost got a treehouse-like feel.

Pics from Ohdeedoh

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