we do so love alexander wang

Can't believe I left New York City before Fashion Week... ah well, I guess one day I will get to go again, and perhaps that time I can coincide it with a few shows? One can only dream. Now, Alexander Wang is one of our favourite designers, because he's down-to-earth (so it seems) and super cool, and he chose the effortlessly cool rock star offspring Zoe Kravitz to be the face of his T collection, which we love, love, love. So here's what his Fall 2011 collection looks like... very spacey, sporty, dramatic but at the same time laid-back.

And since it seems the whole dishevelled hair thing is in right now, here's the perfect step-by-step guide to the messy ponytail via A Cup of Jo. I'm obsessed, but I don't know if I have the skill to get this right, I mean I can't even plait my own hair. But that's another post altogether isn't it? But the point to remember here is this: dishevelled hair is not hair that you just wake up with and get going with your day, it is painstaking and timeous to get the look right! 

Pics via Bloginity

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