birdie love

In a fit of creative enthusiasm, which characteristically hit on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I stumbled across this wonderful wall art and mobile, constructed with fabric birds. When I first saw them, I thought they looked far too challenging for my very basic sewing skills, but it turns out that they're pretty darn easy.

I first downloaded the pattern from and then (because even these four simple instructions were beyond me) I searched around for some pictorial aid. Happily I came across, which takes you through it step by step. Granted, my first two birds look like the disheveled, one-legged pigeons you see hobbling around the city centre, but I'm convinced that practice makes perfect.

Hopefully, I'll have a magnificent bird mobile to show you in the coming weeks. Perhaps if I get it right I'll turn my hand to making my own clothes. How hard can it be, right?!

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  1. This Baby Birdie loves your craft project! Looking forward to seeing the updates on your birds.