brooklyn flea market

So I'm back home from NYC, and it's so good to feel the sun on my skin again, but I miss that city like I can't believe. I'm definitely going to have to go back soon. It's addictive and I'm in love!

One of the highlights of my holiday was going to the Brooklyn Flea Market one very crisp and cold Sunday. We caught the subway there and walked a few blocks... I remember this one moment when we were walking past the Brooklyn School of Music, a gust of wind blew layers of thick snow off the overhangs, and it was just swirling and blowing around us. Very beautiful.

The Brooklyn Flea is housed in an old bank building, with three floors of vintage heaven.

Once inside, we browsed around and came across a few treasures. I found this bright red Marc Jacobs bag for $100. I really had to think about the purchase because I'm not really into bright bags, even if it is Marc Jacobs. Eventually I settled for a vintage Dooney & Bourke bag for $60. Stoked. Other highlights included a stack of gorgeous glossy brogues, and a stall called Britannia Antiques... 

Spotted some vintage Manolo's (they're on the left next to the tartan pumps)
Beautiful glass windows

Bailey loved this hat box, so did I!

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  1. Hi Liza & Bailey,

    Thanks so much for visiting the Brooklyn Flea - I look forward to seeing you again in New York. Do check in via my website:

    Next time, I'll make sure to find Bailey a vintage hat and sparkle-sparkle jewels ; )