matchbook magazine: field guide to a charmed life

I'm still weary of online magazines. I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to magazines – I like to stand in the store and look at all the covers and decide which one I like best, and gravitate towards the ones with the catchy barkers (am I a sucker for marketing or what?)... But seriously, there's nothing more rewarding for me than buying a big, glossy magazine and taking it home to read in bed that night. And then when I'm finished, putting it in it's designated pile (Ahem, all my magazines are in order of publication, month and year). But all that nostalgia aside, I absolutely love the first issue of Matchbook.

And I'm actually kinda jealous of the two fabulous women who started it. College friends Katie Armour of The Neo-Traditionalist and Jane Lilly Warren of Lox Papers. The result? A super slick, interesting read that I like, like, like! 

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  1. Lonny is another favourite

  2. Yes, indeed. Lonny is awesome!