a night with kwv at bluebird garage market

On Friday night, we went to Bluebird Garage Market to enjoy an evening of wine tasting, sampling yummy food and meeting lovely new people. The Bluebird Garage Market is in an old warehouse in Muizenberg housing all sorts of delightful stores such as vintage clothing, second-hand books, furniture, jewellery, fresh fruit, flowers and lots and lots of food.

When we arrived just after 4pm, we were greeted by our friendly hosts and promptly served some much-needed wine – the Chenin Blanc was the perfect refreshment on such a hot afternoon. 

The weekend had officially begun! We spent the rest of the evening browsing around the market, eating prawn skewers, stir-fry veggie burgers (so messy but so good!), Turkish delight, nougat and of course, lots of KWV wine. 

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