happy birthday to me

Today I turned 32. It was lovely to have my birthday fall on a Sunday, and I got super spoilt. While I slept in this morning, hubby and Bailey made me breakfast and coffee and brought it up to me to eat in bed, with a gorgeous homemade card made by the both of them. So cute. I still haven't decided what I want from hubby for my birthday, but I think it's going to be something to do with jewellery. Nice.

Later we went to Roundhouse in Camps Bay – fast becoming one of our favourite spots. There were roosters and mini pigs trotting about while we sat outside under umbrellas drinking champagne and eating yummy food.

Emily bought me this gorgeous wool hat, which she couldn't resist getting for herself either (love that!)... I still need to perfect the 'flop' on mine (like Emily's), but how gorgeous?

Bailey loved the mini pigs! 

Summer loved the mini pigs too, so she had to stay on her lead.

Does this look like trouble to you?

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