good feet, naughty feet

When I was small, like all little girls, I went to ballet classes. I remember the excitement of wrapping the hand-knitted pink cardigan around my as yet unformed waist and trying to stand still while my mum scraped my curly, misbehaving hair into a bun. The memories were distant, but pleasant... until I asked my mum why I had stopped and she told me that she removed me from the class when she discovered the teacher would slap me around the calves for having 'naughty feet'.

Shattered my ballet memories into pieces, but that doesn't mean I'm not taken with the new ballet inspiration that Black Swan has bought to fashion. Blake Lively took the trend up a notch last night when she attended a dinner in New York, which Chanel threw in her honour. Her Christian Louboutin, prima ballerina pointe shoes, complete with square block toe, deserved a pirouette I thought.

2 comments :: good feet, naughty feet

  1. I would give my life to be as gorgeous as this woman! And her shoes, drooool!

  2. I know, style crush!