what we'll be wearing in 2012

On Saturday, courtesy of Woolworths, I went to the Design Indaba to hear world-renowned trend forecaster Li Edelkoort give us insight into what we'll be wearing in 2012/2013.

I've never heard her speak before and I was eager to lap up anything that she had to say so I made copious notes. The problem now is how to translate those notes into something that actually makes sense and might be useful...

She spoke about the inspiration from the earth. Her focus was on eco (which her Dutch accent pronounced 'echo', causing me at least 10 minutes confusion). I loved what she said about retail spaces reverting back to selling single items. No longer having stores where you can buy your food, underwear and maybe a lamp for your lounge all at the same time, but stores where you go to buy one, exquisitely-made shirt for example.

David West shirts

Major items for 2012? The shirt is going to be in the forefront and Li says take budget from the T-shirt and invest in shirts, both men and women. Scarves as well. 'It's amazing how this little piece of cloth has now become an icon of luxury and high society,' she said. Am so with her on that. We're also going to be turning our attention more to DIY clothing, with fabric being sold alongside clothing in the same stores...

Basically, it's a return from the over-indulgent era of excess, back to simplicity and quality. 'Less variation and more focus,' says Li. 'Too much choice will no longer be contemporary. It's time to rekindle our relationship with the earth.'

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  1. Yep, Ive been noticing in London over the past year designers are moving towards a "less is more" approach of using classic pieces that will last years and the focus is on accessories to update your look across the seasons.

    People are changing their attitude to shopping and investing instead of buying tons of cheap stuff to throw away.

    Amazing to see how many things influence the way we live and how quickly our behaviours can change.

  2. We completely agree. Thanks for your insight.