dkny on the rooftops of cape town

Last night we had the pleasure of attending the re-launch of the DKNY fragrance in SA. The venue was in an incredible apartment high up on the rooftops of Cape Town with, of course, the most breathtaking view. We know Capetonian's have a bit of a reputation for being arrogant about their city but seriously, can you blame us?

DKNY is launching a sexy new campaign for its women and men's fragrances, each with the edgy, vibrant energy of New York. The fragrance itself hasn't changed, just the campaign... real life couple Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic are the models who were chosen for the relaunch and it's pretty clear why. Just watch the ad and there isn't much doubt about how they feel about each other.

It pulsates with the energy of New York, which is what the brand is all about. I could hear Liza sighing next to me. She's been back a month and is missing it already...

We walked away with a bag of fabulous goodies, which included the new DKNY summer fragrances. Today I'm wearing Pure, tomorrow Be Delicious.... we're going to be smelling of DKNY forever. Happiness.

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  1. Auw i absolutely love your blog!! Can you give me the name of the venue where the DKNY Launch was held?