fashionable friends

I like working in magazines. In SA, it's such a small industry and sometimes, if you're lucky, the team you work in become a close knit bunch of friends. My first job in magazines was at seventeen, and these fabulous ladies were all there with me at one point or another. It's a good feeling – like a cliched, warm fuzzy feeling – to think about the influence that each of these awesome woman have had on my life in their own special way.
Some of us have moved on to other mags, some of us now freelance and some of us are still flying the seventeen flag, but we all have one thing in common... we love fashion and we love Saturday morning brunch. So I had to take a pic of all us at Caveau last Saturday...

From left: Delene, me, Annelee, Mari, Anja and Stacey
From left: Justine, Delene, Annelee, Mari, Anja and Stacey

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