i found my dream house...

And my new favourite website: The Selby

I love how modern and comfortable this house is. Soft couches and leather cushion chairs that look good enough to spend a lazy afternoon on reading magazines and drinking tea. Huge windows letting in vast amounts of natural light. Natural stone walls. The un-kiddified kids room (amazing!). The rows and rows of bookshelves.

Sigh... one day I'll have a nice big house like this.

2 comments :: i found my dream house...

  1. how fantastic are those large windows? there's just nothing like a light-flooded apartment.

  2. Larger windows will make a home brighter and they will create an illusion of a bigger space. What's lovely about this house is that it's messy in a great great way. A house should not always be 'neat and organized' for it to be called beautiful =]