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Tommy Ton, from the fashion blog Jak and Jil, is my hero. He's about 26 years old, from Toronto and he takes the most exquisite photos - I could stare at them for hours (and I wish I could take them myself). His pictures capture the spirit of the moment so precisely that you can literally smell that Parisian air... Okay, he's not always in Paris, he also spends time in New York and Milan, but Paris is where he snaps the most shoes! Tommy is obsessed with beautiful shoes and is known to stalk his "prey" to get the perfect shot. Check out the Jak and Jil blog. Love you Tommy!

Lace-up stiletto boots.

Balenciaga heels (love the blue nail polish peeking through).

Marc Jacobs heart pumps.

Prada platforms. Look impossible to walk in but impossibly beautiful.

A stylish mummy and daughter with must-have Parisian accessory: cute, small dog

The man behind the lens, with Garance Dore (who has a fabulous blog herself)

All images from Jak and Jil blog. Pic of Tommy and Garance from Refinery29

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