fabulous finds for a friday

It's Friday, so I'm breaking the "rules" for my blog. Yes, I usually post pictures of people in beautiful outfits, but today I'm in the mood for something different. I'm always looking for cool, new blogs and inspiring fashion sites, but every now and then I land up looking at stuff for kids (cos I have one of my own now!) So today I happened upon Smallable - a French fashion and design concept store exclusively for kids. Sometimes when I find a site that excites me this much, I almost don't know where to begin. But I eventually composed myself and discovered a whack of beautiful things. You want to know the best part? We actually bought the Casa Cabana white cardboard house for our bubs from Kiids Boutique in Chelsea Village a few months ago. So in the spirit of all things Friday, I made my own mood board. Don't laugh, it's my first attempt and I don't know how to deep etch so there are hard corners and I can't do anything about that. But I think it's still pretty? And seriously, how cute are these things for kids?

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  1. The table is my favourite...like the diversion from fashion outfits xx