a hot day in the city

Today was like 26 degrees - when the average temp at this time of year should be 18 or 19 degrees. So Emily and I took advantage of the perfect weather and spent the day trawling through vintage shops. So many beautiful things! We searched everywhere for Pandora's Box only to be told by the owner of Cupcakes etc that they have moved and he doesn't know where. How sad, but nonetheless a wonderful day.

Loads of leather jackets at Lulu's Antiques 

Beautiful briefcase bag at Glitterati

Old school stroller

Treasure trove

Emily right on trend in a print maxi dress

Lunch at Cupcakes etc - where Pandora's Box used to be

And to top off the perfect afternoon... a seriously gorgeous girl

3 comments :: a hot day in the city

  1. Ah take me there one day!

  2. Come visit and I will! xx

  3. looks beaulla! take me too:)