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We're introducing a new section to I Heart Your Outfit called I Heart Your Style, where we'll be chatting to some of SA's most fashionable, stylish people. We couldn't think of a better woman to kick this off than Justine Stafford of ifor1 - if you haven't yet discovered the wonder of her blog, go there now... or after you've read this interview! Justine has a way of making anything that she wears look effortlessly chic, and we find her exceptionally inspiring...

When did you realise you cared about fashion? My mom was always into fashion and I remember as a kid loving watching and helping her get dressed for a night out. She had amazing dresses (off-the-shoulder numbers with triple-tiered skirts!) – many that she made herself – that I wished I was big enough to wear.  
Which designer would you choose to tailor-make a dress for you? Phoebe Philo who is now designing for Celine. I think she is one of the most incredible designers and really understands women’s bodies. Or Karl Lagerfeld – I mean, who could say no?
What was the first super expensive item that you bought? A grey Nina Ricci coat that I bought for a clothing business I was involved in a few years ago and had to keep for myself. I wear it with everything and absolutely adore it. 
 We love the bow detail on the Nina Ricci coat
What bores you? Celebrity style idols.
And what excites you? Individual style choices and confidence.
If you had to put together your dream look, what would you pick? Minimal but impactful: I’m loving the work of Guillame Henry of the French label, Carven: it’s a bit austere, a bit tongue-in-cheek and still very wearable. 
What’s your go-to outfit that you know you’ll always feel great in? A sailor-girl shift from Afraid of Mice, with black tights and heels.  
Super cute shift!
Favourite high street store? Mungo and Jemima in Long Street (074 803 0777).
What’s always in your handbag? Red lipstick, my notebook, phone and camera.
Most exciting thing about SA fashion right now? I think we’re seeing innovative design that is completely our own – our designers are less concerned with designing according to an international model and are rather focused on a uniquely African sensibility. It’s very cool.  
Thanks Justine!

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