amanda, you rock

I'm such a big fan of Ugly Betty and I'm so devastated that Season 4 is the last. Boo hoo. So as a mini tribute to such a fabulous, hilarious show, here are a few of the gorge outfits that my fave character Amanda rocked at the Mode reception desk. The writers must have SO much fun with her script. And if you're a fan too, go and read Amanda's Blog... too funny.
There are rumours that an Ugly Betty movie is in the works... I truly hope so!

 With Mark – her partner in style

 One of my fave moments, she wore one of Betty's leg warmers as a body-con dress

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  1. I so love Amanda. She's just so over the top that you can't not love everything she wears and the total insanity that comes out her mouth.(well done Becki Newton for playing her just right) Oh Mode gang, how I'll miss you!

  2. i LOVE HER TOO!she is flipping hilarious! and Ugly Betty is on tonight.. woo hoo xoxo