i found my dream house...

And my new favourite website: The Selby

I love how modern and comfortable this house is. Soft couches and leather cushion chairs that look good enough to spend a lazy afternoon on reading magazines and drinking tea. Huge windows letting in vast amounts of natural light. Natural stone walls. The un-kiddified kids room (amazing!). The rows and rows of bookshelves.

Sigh... one day I'll have a nice big house like this.

still want some of these...

I'm sorry I never got myself a pair of canvas loafers for winter... but I don't think it's too late

sailor stripes on a whole new level

HOW awesome are these Chanel boots?

spring picks

Apart from our rainy weekend, the weather in Cape Town has been deliciously springlike. Even the tree outside our bedroom window is sprouting little green tufts. Spring is my favourite time of year – what's not to love about fresh blossoms, longer evenings, warmer days and new clothes?

The trends for s/s 2010/11 feature a lot of nudes, crisp detailing and draping in soft fabrics. This Australian label – Shakuhachi – is my biggest crush right now.


My little baby girl is going to be 1 years old next month, and I just can't believe how the time has flown. I don't know how other mothers feel but when I look back at the pictures of Bailey when she was so new to the world, I get a bit emotional and want to shed a little tear (from pure joy and happiness), and I just want to be able to freeze time because it goes so quickly. Now I can understand why my sister had four!

A few days old

So tiny, so pensive

My, how you've grown...

cape town fashion week - street style

We went to Cape Town Fashion Week this past weekend... loved the shows, but loved seeing all the stylish peeps, too. Here are some of our faves.

alexa chung for pepe jeans

For their Fall/Winter 2010/2011 campaign, Alexa Chung, Jon Kortajarena and Gaspard Menier. The pictures say it all.

Pics from Million Looks

here comes the bride...

Alix aka The Cherry Blossom Girl got married, and of course, she looked a picture of perfection. Her dress is just beautiful, and I love the sweetheart neckline.

little black dress

I like these, and I'm in the mood to buy some new black dresses.

Pics from Delia's - a store for teens, but I'm still young at heart?!

things for baby

Okay, don't worry this blog isn't turning into just stuff for babies... but who can resist these things? I mean, really.
How wonderfully old school. A million trillion times better than those
plastic push bikes in garish colours.

I'm totally gonna get my designer hubby to do something
like this for our baby's room. Bunting is my new obsession.
A magnet puzzle – loves it!

All photos from My Sweet Muffin

tracky pants

I want some tracky pants like these... This is Andy from Style Scrapbook. LOVE her blog and her style.

Pics from Style Scrapbook

chance, i'm in love

I'm head over heels... Chance is everything I dream about wearing in spring/summer. Light, bright and breezy clothes with a touch of detail. When I go to New York in January, first stop: Chance!

All photos from Chance

vintage frocks

When Writing in Heels and I went vintage shopping the other day, we came across this exquisite frock. You might think it's perhaps a little dowdy or maybe too smart to wear in the daytime, but think about teaming it with a denim jacket and a pair of metallic brogues. It could look super cute? I know I'd definitely try it.